Become An Agent

1. Customers are quoted using our automated quoting system:
Vehicles Under 1500kg’s: (£55 + £1.75/mile for first 20 miles then £1.50/mile after).
Vehicles Over 1500kg’s: (£75 + £1.75/mile)
2. All the above is to stop bidding wars as we value you as our customer.
3. Agents receive notifications via our app for local recovery jobs. The area you cover can be adjusted within the app.
4. Agents can contact the customer via the APP using phone call, WhatsApp or text message. Simply book the job in and all funds are collected by you with zero commission to pay.
5. Once the form has been completed by the customer they are provided with your contact number in case of urgent assistance/accident recovery.
6. Subscription is £20/week and can be cancelled at any time.

Currently we receive 500+ requests per week.

Download our “Make Me Busy” app & register.


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