Subscription £20/week Cancel Anytime No Paypal Account Needed

1. Customers are quoted using our automated quoting system:
Vehicles Under 1500kg’s: (£50 + £1/mile for first 20 miles then £1.25/mile after).
Vehicles Over 1500kg’s: (£70 + £1.50/mile)
2. Agents receive a text for local recovery jobs that says QUOTED and the details of how much and the job.
3. If the customer accepts the quote you will then receive another text saying ACCEPTED and the details again.
4. Contact the customer and complete job, all funds are collected by you.
5. You will also receive a login to the system that allows you to view all other jobs.
6. Subscription is £20/week and can be cancelled at any time.
7. Text are sent from this number 07860015268 please save this number as Cheap Car Recovery. This number allows the customer to accept the quote via text as well as through the website. It also allows you to communicate with us by replying to the message.
The plan is to have only 2 agents per complete postcode area i.e. PE Peterborough only 2 agents.
Signup early to ensure coverage of your area.
Currently we quote 500+ requests per week. This number will increase as agent coverage increases.

Mobile Number